Thursday, 7 August 2014

What's in my carry on bag?!

Bag - New Look Asos - Books/Magazine - Asda - Case - Primark - Passport holder - Asos* - Headphones - Primark - Raybans - Opticions - Purse - Ebay - Phone Case - Primark
I'm back! If you saw my previous post or follow my instagram and twitter you'll probably know I've been on holiday in Benidorm for a week with my family. I took this is a prime opportunity to do a holiday series on my blog and mix up my content a little and maybe give you ideas about what to take and wear when on holiday too!  

I chose to take a backpack because its easy to carry round and well they're bang on trend at the moment and this New Look one was perfect, it was surprisingly spacious and fitted loads in! I always keep my valuables on me in fear of them getting broken or stolen etc and my phone, ipod and camera are normally with me all the time anyway. I just feel safer knowing they are with me!

I hope this helps you out a little!


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