Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dressing for an NFL game

This is probably more of a post for any American readers that pop over to my blog, but that doesn't mean us English can't enjoy it either right? But hey if you're going to watch any type of football inspiration could be founded in this! NFL if you didn't know is Americas National Football league and the football games are about to start! 

Now I'm no sport fanatic, actually I find it all incredibly boring, but American Football(alongside rugby) is actually a sport I will willingly watch and enjoy; even if the only stuff I know I learn from The Blindside! I created two looks based around NFL jerseys for any of you game goers. 

Jersey can be found here
Everything else can be found on my Polyvore
This is a more of an autumn look, at a game I'd want to be as comfortable as possible so I decided to pair this Chicago Bears jersey with these distressed jeans to come away from just the everyday skinny jean. For accessories I chose these faux fur slip ons to add a bit of texture and detail to this simple outfit. I also chose a slouchy backpack as its a lot more casual then a handbag and easier to carry and this statement beanie to add a little fun to the outfit. Then just a leather jacket for extra warmth. 

Jersey can be found here
This is for those in a slightly warmer climate and like to wear your jersey at or out of a game. I just paired it with these distressed shorts, can you tell I'm loving the distressed jeans look this summer/autumn, and a pair of Dr Martens to toughen up the look. I again chose a slouchy backpack in a black colour. 

I hope you enjoyed this post its a little different!

I was asked to write this post, I wasn't paid and everything is my own work


  1. I love them both! I'm not a fan of sport either but my boyfriend loves American Football (he plays it, and it's actually fun to watch) and actually went the the Dolphins game in Miami on Sunday - so jealous!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ah wow, it is really the only sport I give the time of day! haha x

  2. I loooove the boots in the second one!

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