Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Not such a domestic goddess

Chocky Rocky Road Crunch 

I attempted my first bit of baking and tried to bask in being domestic goddess but actually it didn't turn out that pretty and is mixing stuff and putting it in the fridge even considered baking?! 
I mean my cooking consists of boiling potatoes or frozen chips in the fryer and southern fried chicken in the oven, I'm definitely not known for my culinary skills; but these are easy and I wanted a go. Anyway I'll shut up now. 

125g of soft unsalted butter / 300g of chocolate / 3 tbsp of golden syrup / 200g of rich tea / 100g of mini marshmallows /
Crush  the biscuits so some are in small pieces and others are only crumbs
Heat the butter, chocolate and syrup in a heavy based saucepan. Remove and set aside 125ml of the mixture to the side. 
Add the marshmallows to the mixture
Put mixture in a baking tin and pour the extra mixture over the top

Leave in the fridge  between 2 and 24 hours

See I told you its not the prettiest looking thing, definitely not Pinterest worthy. But it sure did taste good, somewhere went wrong though I'm sure of it we used all the right measurements but it felt like it either needed more chocolate or less biscuit and marshmallow. 

It was a little something different and fun!



  1. YUMMMY I never make internet worthy food but it's about the taste and this looks awesome xxxx

  2. It looks so tasty, can't resist anything with chocolate!