Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Where I'll be...

First I want to apologise for my lack of blogging last week; Time just got away with me! 

I also wont be blogging this week as I'm off to Edinburgh for a couple of days, so there will be some posts to do with this little getaway! If there's any particular post you'd like me to so just let me know! , I'd be happy to figure something out and do it for you! 

Have a good week! 

Courtney xo 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I got the chop!

I've had my hair cut and because I love it so much I felt a little post needed to be written, obviously!

I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing about it for weeks, my hair has been in such bad condition and I had the whole palava with the hair chalk staining my hair. I literally just needed to walk out the door and my hair was matted. So the other week I was in the bath (TMI?!) and decided that I was going for it and had an appointment the next Monday.

This Suki Waterhouse photo off Pinterest was my inspiration, It wasn't a drastic amount cut off and I didn't think short hair was what I wanted and was what was right for my hair!


Sorry the photo is only my iPhone one, but its the best one I have of my hair. But yeah I love it, I was terrified this is the shortest I've ever willingly gone and I thought for sure I'd burst into tear after she'd cut it. I'm actually thinking about going even shorter! It's such less hassle, my natural wave has reappeared and my hair feels thick, healthy and is just full of volume! 


Disney Inspired - Cruella Deville

Links on my Polyvore

As I haven't done one of these in ages, I thought I would do a Halloween themed one by choosing a villain and creating an outfit. I honestly forgot about Cruella Deville until recently and she was really mean, she takes puppies and makes them into coats goddamnit! 

I actually kept pretty close to the original character because she dresses pretty normal don'tcha think?! I just added the spotty bag and dalmatian necklace to incorporate the spots of the dogs that she obviously loves so much. This outfit could be easily a subtle dress up for Halloween just add the wig or for a fancy evening out!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

OOTD - cooler florals

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins petite / Top - Forever21
First can we talk about hoe stunning the colours of this top is?! Blue is one of my favourite colours to wear and buy. This top is perfect for this transitional weather that we're having and can be easily carried on throughout the rest of this year. 

Admittedly I brought it thinking it was going to be a jumper but actually its this comfortable almost silky like material on the print and then the black is more of a tshirt fabric. This is such a comfy and statement printed top that I wanted to keep everything simple pairing with these jeans and my trusty vans. These jeans are actually a new buy and not from Topshop which is a shock because Topshop is the only place I buy them. I never realised Dotty Ps actually did a petite and these were only £24 and are super comfy! 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Issues us short girls have to face!

So this came about after a twitter conversation I had with Laura about our anger with petite sections or lack of which inspired me to write my own short girl problems list with ones I've personally experienced, I'm 5ft I've suffered all of them.

  1. Having to shop in the petite section : This is annoying for reasons such as A) There is limited choice of clothing compared to the rest of the shop. B) The sizing isn't actually that great just saying. C) It cost loads!
  2. There are shops that don't even have the petite option enough said!
  3. Shopping online is 100X harder: First let me say don't bother if there isn't a petite section or at least have a tape measure at hand. Their clothing is made for giants.
  4. Above knee clothing becomes midi length, midi becomes maxi.
  5. Oversized tees will probably become badly fitting dresses
  6. You have to find someone or learn how to take up everything!
  7. You will probably be belly button height to everyone: Funny story I turned a corner and walked into a boy and I was practically crotch level. This is a horrible moment for an already super awkward person.
  8. When you're in a crowd you will be pushed around and will become sympathetic towards ants.
  9. Years 7s will be taller then you admittedly year 7s have been taller then me since I started secondary school, I'm now 19. Not cool.
  10. You can't reach anything which means you will have to awkwardly ask someone to do it for you.
  11. You will be made to go in the middle seat when the car is full. Just accept it and move on.
  12. You will attract obvious comments like "omg you're so short" If I had a pound for every time I was asked that! Or the not so funny comments like "Where'd Courtney go" "Whoops didn't see you there"
  13. your view will always be blocked wherever you go! There will be some giant that will stand in front of you when you're trying to see something. Or they'll be sat there when your at the theatre or the cinema. Concerts just don't even bother.
  14. You'll always be made to go at the front for group photos
  15. Height knocks years off your age apparently
Hope you liked this little fun post and leave a comment below of any others you suffer from! 


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OOTD - pyjamas or outerwear?

shirt - Asos (sale) / Jeans - Topshop / Vans - Schuh  

This top I brought in the Asos sale for just £5, sweet. Although I'm honestly not 100% sure its isn't a pyjama top, it wasn't in the pyjamas section. Oh well its fashion right?! Its the softest silkiest material and super comfy, its a little low cut for my liking but something I can overcome with a vest top underneath. I paired it with my ripped jeans to keep it casual and less pyjama like. I think not knowing whether its part of pyjama set just makes it a whole lot more cosier and perfect for college; I've always wanted pyjamas to be socially acceptable to wear outside.