Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I got the chop!

I've had my hair cut and because I love it so much I felt a little post needed to be written, obviously!

I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing about it for weeks, my hair has been in such bad condition and I had the whole palava with the hair chalk staining my hair. I literally just needed to walk out the door and my hair was matted. So the other week I was in the bath (TMI?!) and decided that I was going for it and had an appointment the next Monday.

This Suki Waterhouse photo off Pinterest was my inspiration, It wasn't a drastic amount cut off and I didn't think short hair was what I wanted and was what was right for my hair!


Sorry the photo is only my iPhone one, but its the best one I have of my hair. But yeah I love it, I was terrified this is the shortest I've ever willingly gone and I thought for sure I'd burst into tear after she'd cut it. I'm actually thinking about going even shorter! It's such less hassle, my natural wave has reappeared and my hair feels thick, healthy and is just full of volume! 



  1. beautiful..i prefer the shorter hair :)

  2. Your hair looks really nice curled and wavey! You need to curl it more often ^_^ xx

  3. Looks lovely shorter, I prefer it! x

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    Love John Setrodipo

  5. I love your hair! Love the colour and the waviness, and your hair is just the right length too. ^ _^

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