Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My little Edinburgh Adventure

I just want to get it out there now this is going to be a pretty texty and a photo filled post and a mix of camera and iPhone photos. 

If you follow my Twitter or my Instagram you may have seen that I went away to Edinburgh for 2 nights with my nan and of course I wanted to share my little trip with you guys! I've been deliberating how to set out the blog posts for this and I think this is probably the best way to do it, so hopefully you'll enjoy my next few posts! 

Tuesday morning we got the plane from Southampton to Edinburgh, but it ended being delayed. Our flight was originally 11 something and we took off at 2:10pm. That was not fun! Seeing as we only had hand luggage everything was free sailing from checking in, which we did on a self scanner thingy. There will be a post to come about packing with just hand luggage. 

By the time we got our hired car and got to the hotel it was dark. It sucked that our flight was delayed because we missed out on half a day of what could have been exploring Edinburgh!

Hotel I thought I would do a little section on the hotel, we stayed in the Holiday Inn West. It was lot nicer then I expected and was perfect for a couple of nights away. We had all the facilities we need and it was pretty spacious and clean. The staff were super friendly and I'd definitely stay again! 

Our View

Wednesday was our fall day and what a day it was. It was a beautiful autumn day, chilling but sunny and blue skies, perfect for walking around Edinburgh castle!

I left my nan in the cafe at the castle as she has a bad leg and couldn't walk all the way round and we didn't realise how high up it was. So I just dawdled around on my own and enjoyed everything at my own pace. I saw the Scottish Jewels, If you go to see these, go early like I did because the queue was ridiculous by lunch time! I watched a cute old man be in character and talking about when Cromwell took over the castle at one point. All in all it was a wonderful walk around the castle.

As it was around 2pm and I really wanted to visit a loch while I was there, we hoped in the car and drove to Lake Leven which was about 45 minutes away in Fife. I just want to mention here that on the drive up (after getting lost in the city due to my nan ignoring the sat nav) the architecture and the houses in Edinburgh are amazing, truely picturesque, buildings are not made like that these days. Actually good intricate buildings are dying out!

If I'm remembering  correctly, Loch Leven has an island in the middle in which the Mary The Queen of Scots was held prisoner in the building on there. It was really beautiful and would have been a lovely walk, unfortunately we couldn't do a lot of it. I'll make a confession I really want to go to the Loch Ness, in hopes of a sight of dear old Nessie but that was a 4 hour journey away and just wasn't possible! 

After adventuring back to the Hotel we decided to go out for a meal after only using the hotel restaurant the night before. Funny story one of my close friends dad was actually staying at the same hotel when a business trip and was sat only a few tables away! 

We went out for food at Carter and Miller steakhouse which is on its way into Edinburgh city. It's actually a pretty odd location, you would expect a mcdonalds or a service station to be there instead of a posh restaurant. 

The restaurant was so nice, the décor was on point and everyone was super lovely and the food was amazing! I'd definitely recommend if you're staying in Edinburgh and you love a good steak like me!  

Thursday sadly was just travelling home. Edinburgh really is beautiful and I'm definitely going to go back and explore more as soon as I can. When I was there it was one of the places that I instantly love (like Cornwall) and could see myself living there, I only wish I could have stayed for longer and explored more of the city. Where is your favourite place to visit?

Hopefully I didn't ramble on too much and you found some useful stuff in there! 


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