Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Traditions

  1. A Visit to the Panto - Every year I go with my dad and family, this year it was Cinderella with Brian Connelly and Gok Wan.
  2. Christmas light hunting - I don't know if we're the only ones that do this but we go for a drive and look out for Christmas lights.
  3. Opening a present, which is always pyjamas, on Christmas eve!
  4. Waking up at 5am on Christmas day - I'm always the first one a wake and I'm the oldest sibling!
  5. living off cold meats and pickled onions for days after Christmas and Boxing day
It's nearly here my favourite time of the year! Here are a few traditions we have at Christmas ever since I was little. What are your Christmas traditions?!

Have a lovely Christmas guys! 



  1. This was such a lovely read. I've just shared my Christmas traditions on my blog so it's fun to hear what others do. I don't even live with my parents any more and I still wake up early and rush to their house to wake my siblings up. Waking up early on Christmas is a must! x

    1. Oooh I'll have to go check it out! :) I don't understand those people who can still have a lie in!x