Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Gift guide for her

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I find gift guides so hard to do, I feel so much pressure choosing presents for people that I don't enjoy it and stresses me out. But I gave it a go as it is December after all and you need gift inspiration or I do anyway!

  1. A designer bag - This is if you don't mind or have the money to splurge out on such a gift, but I don't know one girl who wouldn't like to have a designer bag in their possession. 
  2. Mac Lipstick - Is a favourite in the beauty blogging world, I own one myself, so if someone is beauty obsessed I don't think you can go wrong!
  3. A book they've been talking about - This is more personalised to the person, some people aren't book readers (strange I know) This GirlBoss one is one I've seen floating around the internet and I'd love to give it a read. 
  4. A Magazine Subscription - 
  5. Perfume - Again this would be good if they've mentioned it to you or a they have a favourite they always buy. Pick up a bottle it shows you listen and know them.
  6. Ipad - it's another pricey gift but no one is without internet these days are they?!
  7. Instax Camera - I think the craze for these has passed, but I love my one and they're great for preserving memories.
  8. Lush Goodies - Like I said I've yet to find a girl who doesn't like at least one Lush product. 


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