Thursday, 4 December 2014

The lead up to Christmas

If you didn't notice it's December which means Christmas is just around the corner and what better thing to do on lead up to Christmas other then christmassy things. Here are just a few ideas. 

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1. Go to a Christmas market near you - What better way to spend a day looking around cute little pop up stores, surrounded by Christmas decorations and music. They're often on for a couple of weeks on the lead up to Christmas and go right into the evening. Check out a list of markets in the UK here.

2.Have a lazy night in/weekend of Christmas films

3. Get making Christmas themed gifts or crafts - I find Pinterest has an amazing selection of ideas and is great for inspiration for anything you want. I actually have a pinboard just for Christmas here with ideas for gifts, decorations and just fun crafty things to do for Christmas. 

4. Go looking for Christmas lights - I don't know if this is something everyone does or its just us but when I was little, when my sister was little and now my brother is little we go for a drive looking out for all the houses decorated to the nines with Christmas lights. This is definitely something more for the little- un's like siblings or your children. For some reason my brother loves it, I think its the competition more then anything.
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5. See a panto - Seeing a panto in Decemeber has been a Christmas tradition I've done with my dad and family for as long as I can remember and I love it! I think it's super fun and I know Christmas is literally around the corner! This year I'm seeing Cinderella at The Mayflower in Southampton but I know do them all over the country!

Let me know what you get up to on the lead up to Christmas!


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