Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Coat - Missguided / Scarf - Primark / Jumper - New Look / Jamie Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - UGG

Today was another comfy outfit for college. I got this cream jumper yesterday, look out for that haul, it's the perfect length for a jumper sitting comfortably at the waist. What really drew me to it though was the change of knit at the bottom of the jumper and on the arms, I just thought it was a nice twist to a standard item. 

I simply paired it with my ripped jeans and my ugg moccasins. How cute are they?! They are super comfy and are like a cross between moccasins and boat shoes, perfect for any time of the year really!


Friday, 23 January 2015

Style Inspiration - Clemence Posey

Clemence Posey 

all images found on Pinterest 

One of my most popular posts is the Kylie Jenner style inspiration, which you can find here, everyone is going crazy for that family. But you can't deny their style is killing it at the moment. yes, I really did just say killing it. So I thought It was about time to do another one! 

You may know Clemence Posey from Harry Potter where she played Fleur Delacour. I seriously wanted to be in her gang and have veela blood too but ya know that's life! 
It wasn't until recently that I discovered how on point her style is. It's basic but ultra chic and I seriously envy her wardrobe and her shorter hair, that's exactly how I hope mine would look if I do end up getting the chop! 


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

OOTD - Winter slip

Top - Forever21 / Dress - Asos / Docs - Schuh 

 Today my shadow accompanies me in my new post and I feel no regrets. Here is just a simple outfit that I wore to college, I simply paired this band collar crop under my slip dress as it's bloody freezing out there and pulled out my docs to make it less girly and keep my tootsies warm. I'm loving simple basic outfits at the moment in an attempt to be chic. 


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lipsticks - My top 5

I like lipstick, I admit it. I'm turning into a real girl, middle school me would be horrified. Anywho here are 5 of my favourites in my little collection. If you want me to do a review on any just let me know! 

(Left to right)

Topshop Matte Lip Bullet in the shade 'Get me Bodied' - This is my most recent that I got for Christmas and is definitely one of my favourites. The lasting power on this is amazing and I have plans to do a review on this in the near future. 

Mac Matte Lipstick in the shade Ruby Woo - This is definitely my go to lipstick, I love red lips and this is the perfect red for my skin tone! 

Topshop Lipstick in the shade Charmed - I have a confession on this one, it's the most amazing colour but I still have yet to some up the courage to wear it more then once. It's the most gorgeous summer colour and I'm determined to get wear out of it this summer!

Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 101 - This is the perfect subtle summer colour and over the top of a nude liner creates the most loveliest pinky nude colour. 

MUA velevet matte lipstain in the shade Halcyon - This is just so easy to wear. It goes with anything anytime of the year and the lasting power is super impressive and for only £3 you can't go wrong. I'm definitely going to go back for more shades. 


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

OOTD - Feeling chic

Jumper - Forever 21/High waisted Jamie Jeans - Topshop/Shoes - Mums, Lipstick - Topshop

You know those girls who wear a simple outfit like jumper and jeans and just look effortlessly chic? yeah I aspire to be one of them. I'm a comfort kinda girl and to be able to look a million dollars in an a pretty boring outfit is the dream, is it not? 

I think I may have found the perfect jumper for us girls who try to reach the dream (the dream is above) and just seem to look like you've been sleeping rough for a couple of weeks. 

I've simply paired this slightly cropped ribbed jumper with my ripped jeans and a simple pair of loafers and I felt very chic, a dainty necklace and my fedora would have just perfected the outfit. Said dainty necklaces are currently in a tangle in my make up bag and the fedora was sitting at home in the wardrobe. But I still feel this outfit looks pretty put together, maybe that's because I made an effort with the make up too. 


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What's in my make up bag?!

Now you've probably figured out that I'm not exactly interested in make up, my usual routine consists of a lick of mascara and a dab of concealer. But since starting a blog I've become a little more interested in doing up my face (when I can be bothered that is) and have somehow accumulated a collection. 

Here is what I carry in my make up bag when I'm getting ready or if I'm staying overnight, I'm not one to carry it around with me on a daily bases; I'll usually only carry the lip product I'm using that day.

What I use on my face - 

Avon Supershock mascara, 
Wonder'full argon oil mascara, 
Lush colour supplement in Jackie Oats, 
Collections lasting perfection concealer in the lightest shade,
A small Benefit real push up liner, 
Maybelline Brow satin eyebrow pencil and powder - This is my first eyebrow product and I really like it and I'm planning on doing a review sometime in the future. So look out for that if you're interested! 

 Lip products -

Lasting finish by Kate in shade '101' 
MUA velvet lip stain in the shade 'Halicyon'
Topshop Matte lip bullet in the shade 'Get Me Bodied'
MAC matte lipstick in the shade 'Ruby Woo'
Model co. Illusion nude lip liner - which was a freebie in a magazine

 Other bits and bobs -

Collection lasting gel colour nail varnish in the shade 'Almost nude 10'
Bobby bins because you should have them scattered anywhere

If there is anything you'd like me to feature on my blog, just let me know and I'll definitely do it! 


Monday, 5 January 2015

The 2015 New Year resolutions

It's that time again to set those resolutions that you never keep no matter how you try. Personally I always forget what I've even set by the end of January, but its the thought that counts right? 

  1. Take as many photos as I can and scrapbook - photos are such a precious keep sake and life is just too short. Live in the moment.

  2. Keep a memory box - This links in with the first one, but I always keep concert tickets and airplane tickets but never have anywhere to keep them and they end up lost. A memory box is something I've always wanted to do but never have.
  3. A healthier lifestyle - I'm unhealthy. I love potato and chips in multiple helpings and I hate exercise. But I'm going to make an effort to eat less potato and the amount of times chips come up in my diet a week. I'm going to drink less fizzy and maybe even do a little exercise, but that's too much to commit too.

  4. Say yes to knew things - It's no secret I'm a socially awkward shy girl who likes routine and doing nothing that isn't too scary for little old me. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Outfits of 2014

Like I done last year, 2013,  I thought I would do a post with all my OOTDs I've done this year. I love looking back on how my style has changed and find forgotten items! 

Happy New year guys!