Friday, 23 January 2015

Style Inspiration - Clemence Posey

Clemence Posey 

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One of my most popular posts is the Kylie Jenner style inspiration, which you can find here, everyone is going crazy for that family. But you can't deny their style is killing it at the moment. yes, I really did just say killing it. So I thought It was about time to do another one! 

You may know Clemence Posey from Harry Potter where she played Fleur Delacour. I seriously wanted to be in her gang and have veela blood too but ya know that's life! 
It wasn't until recently that I discovered how on point her style is. It's basic but ultra chic and I seriously envy her wardrobe and her shorter hair, that's exactly how I hope mine would look if I do end up getting the chop!