Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I also got new glasses, how fab are they?! 

If you follow me on twitter or insta you may have seen I decided to chop all my hair off, to this "lob" just above shoulders style!

This is the shortest I've ever been except when I was a child and it was growing, obviously. I've always had long hair, I used to be able to sit on it, until senior school since then it's been various lengths about boob and longer with various fringes. I might do a hair journey post, are people interested in that?! 

Any-who I'd been deliberating cutting my hair off for a couple of months now, but being too scared of the length and that horrible flicking stage it took me ages to man up and just do it!

I showed my hairdresser this photo of Kiera Knightly because ya know I just want to look like her.

Found on pinterest, obvs.

I currently have no regrets, I love it! I have fine hair so it feels so thick and I've finally got rid of that ghastly green tint due to a hair chalk nightmare ( a whole other story). I might also do a fun little post about having short hair maybe? Who really knows?! 

Do you like the "lob"? 


Friday, 13 February 2015

The Wanderlust Tag -

Photo found on google images.

I love a good tag, anyone who knows me know one of my biggest goals in life and at the top of my bucklet list is to travel the world. So I thought the wanderlust tag would be perfect!

Where have you travelled to and where would you love to visit again?

Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Cyprus, Spain, Germany.  I'd definitely go back to Cyprus, Spain and Germany there are other places I'd love to explore other then Aiya Napa, Barcelona and Berlin with the school. 

Where was your first plane to?

I was about 9 I think and went to Gran Canaria with my nan. 

You're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

That's a tough one, urm I think Australia I want to road trip it so why not start now.

Preferred method of travel: planes, train or car?

Planes, I think there what make the holiday! I

Top three travel items?

Ipod, Camera and Book

Favourite travel website?

A blog would be The Travel Hack it's full of reviews, tips and tricks and travel stories. 

Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

I'm fussy and nothing beats good English food. Although Cyprus do some damn good steak and Garlic bread.

Is there a place you would never go again?

I would not never go again but it wouldn't be somewhere that I'd choose to go and it's Lanzarote. I just think if you've been once you've been a thousand times, I did a trip around the island last year so I've seen everything there is too see. 

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

Nope, I haven't travelled that much! 

Do you prefer middle, aisle or window seat?

Window, I'm like a child.

How do you pass the time on a plane?

Books, Magazines and my Ipod. 

I tag you all to do this, let me know if you do? 


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

OOTD - Grey Lace

 Cardigan - Boohoo / Dress - Topshop / 

Here is the dress from my haul post you may have previously read. It's just this simple grey slightly smocked dress from Topshop. Like I've said before I was particularly drawn to simple items with a little detail that added to the dress, for this it's the lace across the shoulders.  

I got this in the Petite section but I'm sure it's in the normal, but lets take a minute to talk about how short Topshop dresses are. There are no reaching for stuff of the top shelf in this dress, that's for sure! I simply paired it with my Boohoo cardigan I got for Christmas and my Docs. 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What's in my bag? '15

For Christmas I got a new bag which obviously means I have to do 'Whats in my bag' right? That's the blogger way isn't it?! I've done this post previously which you can find here

I got a new bag at Christmas, this little diamond from Primark. It's a faux leather and really sturdy, It feels like it could be from a more expensive shop. It's a simple square bag with two seperate compartments and a little front zip pocket. 

Purse - Ebay / Hand Cream - Soap and Glory / Lipstick - Topshop /Notepad - An Asos secret santa gift / Iphone 4

I always have a quote on my lock screen which changes according to how I'm feeling or if I find a new one I really like. It's currently this one, which speaks volumes for all areas of my life. 

The night before I was with my pals for a night in and took this DVD and Mini eggs, duh. If you haven't seen this film you should definitely watch it, it's a real feel good film with bit of revenge. Which is a great mix no? 

What do you carry in your bag?


Friday, 6 February 2015

Christmas/January Haul

Here's a little haul for you that I brought with my Christmas vouchers. Yes it's taken me this long to spend them! 

Bag - Primark / Laptop Case - EBAY

I got a new Laptop for Christmas and I was on the look out for a new case and a day time bag to carry it around it in if needs be. I ended up choosing this boho like one from EBAY and a leather look simple tote from Primark. 

(L to R) Jeans - Topshop/ Jumper - New Look/ Grey Top - New Look / Top - New Look
Patterned Top - Topshop / Grey dress - Topshop / Top - New Look / Top - Primark

Here are some of the clothes I got, I had vouchers for Topshop, New Look and Primark which is where I shopped! I already have a couple of outfit posts featuring a few items of clothing already, Here and Here. 

Loafers - EBAY (£19.99)

I've been looking for the perfect every day loafer, I have yet to find them but I did spot this beauties. Admittedly I thought the heel would be smaller, I also feel like the French prince from The Three Musketeers. Do you know the one?!

Soap And Glory gift set - Boots / Nail Varnish - Collection - Boots / Maybelline Eyebrow Satin - Boots 

I saw this gift set in Boots just after Christmas and it was reduced to half price, I've never used any Soap and Glory products before and thought this would be a great way to try them out. While in Boots I also Picked up a few make up bits, this nude Nail varnish and an Eyebrow pencil, both I really like and will hopefully have a blog post up soon! 


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

OOTD - It's all in the detail

Top - New Look / Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - UGG 

I found this time round I was really drawn to basic items in which the lure of the item is the detail, like this top I got from New Look. It's a basic oversized tee with this cute crochet detail on the sleeve and shoulder. I simply paired it with my jeans and moccasins. 

This is the perfect top for all year round, easy to layer on and airy enough for the cooler summer days! 


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Petshop.co.uk - It's one for the pups

I was contacted by Petshop.co.uk  ,if you haven't already guessed an online pet shop, who kindly sent me some products for my little Roxie Dog. She's plastered all over my instagram and I talk about her all the time, so an excuse to featuring on my blog and get her some treats I couldn't really pass it up could I?! 

Can we just talk about the Road kill squirrel for a moment?! I was slightly horrified when I saw this, it has tyre marks on its stomach. However everyone else found it hilarious maybe I'm just a soft touch. 

If you haven't seen my Dog before, her name is Roxie, she's a staffie and she's 16 years old, what a trooper and still going strong although a few marbles could be missing. She's going to live forever I swear.

All the items are reasonably priced, perfect for anyone and they came within just a day, I was super impressed they have such a variety on the website and I'll definitely order and recommend them to my other pet loving pals.

She loved her treats, especially the beef treats which are the size perfect to carry around in a bag or pocket when on a walk or if you're training your puppy. I have a confession about the dog toy, she's a little old for playing she's more of a sleep all day-er now and I was going to give it to my dads dog but my brother has claimed the squirrel as his own. 

Who'd have thought treats intended for your dog would end up being fun for the whole family?!