Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Trying to figure it out #1 - Life after college?!

Here is a start of a new series on my blog, from the title I'm pretty sure you can kind of guess where I'm going with it! Basically it's called "Trying to figure it out" (duh) where it all gets deep, it's basically going to be my ramblings and thoughts on my current dilemmas and tips on how to get through it? etc etc.

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Life after college?! 

Hi my name is Courtney, I'm nearly 20 and I have no idea what I want to do with my life; that's ok right?! Because it sure doesn't feel that way to me. I feel like I'm miles behind everyone else with it all, I'm feeling a bit life a let down, pressured and just bloody confused. 

Here's what I do know: I'm finishing college in the next couple of months, I want a career not a job, I want to travel the world, I love fashion and animals and I REALLY don't want to make the wrong choice! 

I thought I was set with the uni route, I thought on my fourth year of college (I've done 2 years FYI) I finally had it all figured out. I thought I knew what I wanted to study, where I was hopefully studying and how I could do it. I was just waiting on that dreaded UCAS say so. 
Then I go and have what I feel is a bad interview and that blows it all to pot! What If I don't want to do this course any more? Do I actually want to do uni? Shall I take a gap year? get a job, save money and do a little travelling before starting uni the following year? Then I get thinking I'm just feeling this way because of the interview that I haven't heard back from yet so I actually have no idea if it was bad or not! All I do know is that uni wise I have a certain amount of time to decide when all the uni's decisions are in. I just really don't want to make a decision that I'm going to regret a couple of months down the line! 

Honestly I have no idea and I'm trying to remember that it IS ok! I'm not even 20 yet (2 months to go) I have my whole life ahead of me still, why am I worrying?! 

I'm just trying to figure it out!


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

BOOK REVIEW - WILD A journey from lost to found

This is not the usual book that I go for, I tend to avoid "sad" books I'm much more into Thrillers/Murder if you know what I mean or the occasional romance (with a happy ending though!) But something about this drew me to it, maybe it was the travelling aspect or the death of a close family member, there was just something about it! 

I really enjoyed it, it's a bit of a tear jerker at the beginning but that was expected it's about her finding herself again after her mother died. I particularly love the travelling/hiking aspect of the story, I find things like that so inspirational that it makes me want to get up and climb a mountain or something. 

It's an easy read, perfect for a lazy Sunday or before bed. It's not to heavy emotional wise and you are really about to connect with Cheryl story and feel like your with her as she's telling you her story or I did anyway. 

I definitely recommend you give this a read and I'll definitely be checking out the film sometime soon!