Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Elvis at the 02

So last Wednesday I visited the Elvis exhibition at the 02, which you can find about here, with my sister and nan. My nan's a massive Elvis fan has been all her life and so it was only natural she go and I won't lie our whole family are all a little partial to a bit of Elvis Presley.

I didn't get hundreds of photos, mostly because the lightning was not fab. But here a few of my favourites and what particularly interested me. His life was pretty amazing, he had one hell of a career and it was great seeing a little more of the person so to speak. I do have to say it's amazing what people keep and give to exhibitions, there was a monopoly box, what's that about?! A particular favourite of mine were his cars, I have slight envy and looking at all his movie posters; I just love that era and style for posters! 

It's not to expensive and if your an die hard or enjoy a listen to Elvis off your own accord or know some one who is. I definitely recommend it! 


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