Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Need to know app: CITY MAPPER

This is one for you commuters or those visiting a new city and you need a little help getting around. I don't often go to London on my own or with a friend, but I always make sure I have this app ready to go for when I get there, it makes me feel less panicky and it's such a handy app. 

Citymapper is basically an app that you can use for any major cities around the world to help you get around using various transport. 

You simply choose the city you'll be visiting 

And this page comes up, with a map of the city, and you're different option that you can do. You simply click Get me somewhere to type in where you want to go.

As you can see I recently went to the 02 to see Mcbusted and used this app to get around on the tubes. 

Then it gives you you're different options, as I've only used this app for tube navigation that's just what I'm going to stick with photo wise. As you can see it has the different route options you can take with the approximate time that it'll take, you can set an arrival time which it'll choose the best route for you. 

I love this app because it tells you what line you need to get, if it's North south east or west bound and how many stops there will be on that journey. It has all the detail you need for planning your trip. 

It also lets you know if there are any delays or if any railways are being worked on. It's a super easy app to use, all you need is internet on your phone for it to work when on location. But that of course doesn't stop you from screenshotting the page. It's also FREE, so what excuse is there?!


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