Wednesday, 29 July 2015

10 Things I need to do this summer -

  1. Go on lots and lots of Picnic's

  2. Go camping

  3. Go to the beach

  4. Have a go at Vlogging

  5. Go on adventures

  6. Look at my home town through a tourists eyes!

  7. Make ice lollies with my brother

  8. Learn to crochet

  9. BBQ's in the garden

  10. Find an outdoor cinema/theatre or concert

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

BE the change YOU want to see

Be the change you want to see in the world - Ghandi
I take no credit for this image I just found it on Pinterest

Now I don't know if it was the Rhodes air or the scenery but I've just felt so inspired. Inspired in the sense of my mindset, my life goals and what I believe in. Wow that's deep.

While on holiday I've been campaigning (for lack of a better word) so to speak to #KeepTheBan to try and create awareness, get followers and my friends to email their MP to try and prevent David Cameron from lifting the ban on fox hunting. It's now been delayed a few months, so that's a victory on our behalf. I don't think I need to explain why I'm against it or any type of hunting for that matter, you just need to see a few pictures to realise it's completely barbaric and for it to even be considered a sport is preposterous. Animal rights is something that's so important to me.

While on holiday I read Everyday Sexism and #GIRLBOSS  (reviews on those to come) and it solidified my already keen interest and how important women's rights are too me and what I want to get out of my life! Maybe it's the combination of these things that made me realise I should Be the change I want to see in the world! 

I came to the conclusion that I don't want to just sit back, wait and hope that the world and man kind are suddenly going to get a conscience or have an epiphany and change the things that I feel need to change. No matter how small or large the things I'll do, I want to be able to stand proudly and say I stood by that cause. That I helped change that law or attitude towards animals or women or anything else that pops up in the future. I will be one of the voices that stand up for animals because they can't. I want to be a badass women and say I didn't just accept how life is, when it's completely naff. I will be one of the ones that will BE that change. 

Now I don't really know the point of this post, maybe it's to try and encourage you to fight for what you believe in. To stop sitting there and thinking well it'll happen at some point or even think there's no point in doing it because it'll never change. Isn't just attempting to change something or standing up for what you believe in an inspiration in itself?! I think so! 

So yeah that all got pretty deep, I'd love to know your thoughts!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Rhodes daily routine


During the day I kept it simple, I didn't wear make up during the day in fact beauty wise the only thing I wore was sun cream and a sun cream lip balm. I just find it all too hot to be faffing with make up.


In the evening I still kept it simple, I had brought a few bits of make up such as BB cream and various lipsticks and in the end just used a few. I kept my make up simple with just concealer, eyebrows and mascara purely because it was too hot to faff around with it all. and I'm super lazy. 


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

When in Rhodes...

You need to visit:

Warning sit back and grab a drink, this could be a long one.

Now I won't be much help on recommending fantastic authentic Greek food mainly because I've lived off chips for the last 10 days or where the best places are for the hoping Night-life; mainly because that's just not my scene and well I'm on holiday with my nan, so there is that too! Sightseeing is more up my street so I can however recommend a few things I think you NEED to visit. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

We're all going on a summer holiday....

#Travel does the heart good.
Image found on pinterest

While you are reading this I'll probably be somewhere in the midst of getting ready, or travelling to Rhodes! I'm going on holiday with my nan (what a cutie)  for 10 days so there will be no blog posts from me in that time, but I'll have plenty posts when I get back! 
I am so ready for a break and to explore Rhodes! 

But feel free to read through my blog and leave feedback! 


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What college has taught me?

2/3 pieces of my final collection 

It's finally come to the end of my college course, 4 years I've been at college and completed 2 different courses, so I think I can safely say I have learnt a lot! For the first two I studied Animal Management, and although I love animals it just wasn't for me and the last two years I've been studying Fashion and clothing and anyway I thought this would be a fun little post to write. 

  1. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life? and that's ok, kind of, maybe probably not.
  2. I'm not organised in the slightest and I should give up trying! I'm a last minute, chaotic type of girl, I'm probably always going to be.
  3. I love animals but I couldn't hack working with them! I get too emotionally attached and I can always volunteer any time I want.
  4. It's OK to NOT have a thousand friends! So I suppose this isn't just what I have learnt since being at college but probably one of those "life lessons" that you learn along the way. I've come to realise that  may be able to count my friends on two hands but I actually like these friends and I know if I'm in need of friends I've got a handful of people I know I can count on.
  5. I LOVE fashion and it's definitely a sector I want to work in! I think my blog helped me realise this as well but because I started my blog while on my first course, I think it kind of goes hand in hand.
  6. Screen printing is the bain of my life and I can't cut in a straight line, like, at all!
  7. That I procrastinate a lot! But I am really good at it, so that's a plus right?!
  8. But when I put my mind to it I get my work done to a damn good standard Not to toot my own trumpet and all (is that the right saying?! I dunno)
  9. Props to the processional models and the fashion show organisers out there, who do this all for a living! We've just completed our fashion show and I was in the background helping with the organisation and helping dress models. It was super amounts of stressful, but all went well!
  10. I'm really not cut out for life outside It's no secret I'm an awkward mess in any situation I don't feel comfortable in, something I've learnt throughout my life. Don't get me started on the subject of the bus, people and having to be the first to enter a classroom of people I don't know.