Tuesday, 21 July 2015

When in Rhodes...

You need to visit:

Warning sit back and grab a drink, this could be a long one.

Now I won't be much help on recommending fantastic authentic Greek food mainly because I've lived off chips for the last 10 days or where the best places are for the hoping Night-life; mainly because that's just not my scene and well I'm on holiday with my nan, so there is that too! Sightseeing is more up my street so I can however recommend a few things I think you NEED to visit. 

We stayed at the Smartline Aquamare, in Rhodes Town, which we booked with Thomas Cook, as bed and breakfast but I know it does full board too. The hotel has recently been refurbished, it's clean modern and "funky" to quote that older women who checked in before us. The people are super friendly, the hotel is super clean and in a fantastic location! A beach 2 minutes down the road, the harbour a 5 minute walk, the old town and high street only a 20 minute walk at the most, restaurants and bars all around. Everything you need is in walking distance. There's also a Mcdonalds just saying. The room was not the biggest but then there are only 2 of us, how much room did we need?! Overall a pleasant stay and a hotel and location I'd definitely recommend to a friend.

Old Town Rhodes ie The Palace -
This was definitely one of my favourite places we visited, maybe ever. It was like nothing I'd seen before, it was a hidden town/market within a town. Once you step within the palace walls you could get lost exploring the lanes of different stalls and restaurants. It's definitely very tourist aimed. 

There are sections of the palace that you can explore further into, at one point we found this little garden leading off one the rooms that made all my secret garden dreams come true. We did two days of this, due to my nan having bad knees and I'm still not sure we saw it all. 

Lindos Boat tour -
First I want to admit that this was my least favourite part of the holiday but I'd still recommend it because I didn't get to see or experience it all. It's a really long boat journey, and would have took a book if I knew it was 2 and a half hours each way. I can't deny though that the unperturbed sea on one side and the island on the other wasn't one heck of a view. I definitely wasn't hoping some type of mythical sea creature would pop up alongside the boat, nope definitely not. Lindos itself was beautiful, perfect for beach lovers its definitely one of those picturesque places you see all over Pinterest. Also this is where you can see an Acropolis, which had full columns the ones I saw didn't. This was something I really wanted to do but my nan couldn't make it up the massive hill and we refused to put a donkey through the trip up there. No matter how strong your donkeys are I just don't agree with it.

Guided Island Tour -  
I love island tours, I went on one when I went to Lanzarote also and I recommend them to anyone. I think they're a great way to explore the whole island and learn about the island and it's culture, which you probably wouldn't learn if you were on your own; you get to see multiple landmarks and the views. My god the views! Rhodes definitely has the most spectacular views I've seen so far on my holidays. 

We visited an acropolis with a small church an amazing view point and wild peacocks. We visited an ancient city, old castles and ruins are one of my favourite things to visit! 

I had a lovely holiday, I was surrounded by amazing views and everyone was just so lovely and welcoming and they give you free food when you try and get the bill. Not bad right?!

For my fussy eater pals out there take a few back up crisps because I lived off chips and garlic bread for 10 days and even to me that was too much!

Get out and see Rhodes because it's bloody beautiful! 



  1. Looks like a great time . Loving all these beautiful photos.