Wednesday, 12 August 2015

OOTD - Searching for that perfect denim short

Top - Primark / Denim Shorts - Asos / Vans - Old

The only time I wear shorts without tights is oh holiday mainly because I can't find a pair I feel comfortable in because lets be honest bum cheeks poking out of the bottom of your shorts is not a good look. Well I'm not keen on it but each to their own.
So I made it my mission to find a pair that covered my bum and the tops of you leg just under it, mainly because I don't think thats a particularly flattering part of the body either. I think these ones from Asos do the job! I love the shredding on the front to keep them up to date with the trends at the moment. These are definitely a pair of shorts that are going to survive throughout the next couple of summers. 



  1. you look adorable <3