Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Staffies the misconception

On Instagram I came across the hashtag #TypicalStaffieOwner started by AllDogsMatter a charity based in London. In which if you own a staffie or know one you post a picture under that hashtag of the true staffs not the ones portrayed by the media. 

 I just want to highlight now that they have not approached me in any single way. This is a subject that is so important and to close to my heart, that I feel its only natural to write about it in a blog post, after seeing this hashtag. It's what has inspired me to write the post after all. 

Staffordshire Bull Terriers have this horrible reputation of being these aggressive dangerous dogs, when in fact its the complete opposite. You're probably more likely to be bitten by something small and yappy like a Jack Russell. But because staffies and similar breeds were bred to originally be used in bloodsports such as bull baiting etc,  their bite can cause damage, which is why they are picked on.  What is portrayed by the media is exaggerated they talk about them as if they're some demon dog but in reality Bad owners make bad dogs! It makes sense doesn't it that if you're an aggressive owner, a cruel owner, someone that encourages your dog to be aggressive that you transfer this on to your dog? 

Maybe I'm biased in having a Staffordshire Bull Terrier myself or my dad having an English Bull Terrier who have a similar reputation. But in my experience, My Roxy dog who recently passed at 16 this month, they are the perfect family dog. They are such soft natured, loyal dogs that love to be loved. I've yet to come across a more friendly dog that lives to please. I don't think I'd ever have another breed of dog. 

Dog shelters are filled with staffies (and other breeds of course) that have been abandoned, bred, treated cruelly and have needed to be rescued. Staffies are the notorious choice for dog fighting and you can buy them incredibly cheap on the internet if you know where to look. But that's a whole other post. If you're looking for a dog, go to somewhere like All Dogs Matter and the RSPCA don't just get from a random breeder. There are many dogs that are needing a loving home. 

It infuriates me when people make judgements based off the breed and the look of a dog. All the time I hear about how people hate Staffies based only on what they've seen from the media, saying about how horrible and vicious they are. I've seen people cross the road and make a wide berth of us when we walked the dog, particularly with my dads English Bull terrier. I'm mentioning her because I feel they have the same reputation, judged on their face. 

There is no other reason for writing this post other then it's something I feel passionate about, many a time I've got worked up over peoples throw away comments. Please don't write of Staffies just because of what you've heard from others and the media, it's not all true. 

If you have a Staffie leave your stories in the comments below and leave a photo under the #TypicalStaffieOwner 



  1. Couldn't agree more with 'Bad owners make bad dogs' and really think someone needs to stand up for staffies. Your dog is only going to be as aggressive as you teach it to be!

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. I absolutely second Claire^!

    If you teach a child to swear, to be abusive, etc, the child will obviously turn out as such.
    If you teach a dog to be aggressive, it will turn out to be an aggressive dog.

    It's all in your handling of the pet and the degree of love that you demonstrate towards your furbabies. And I'm damn well sick of beautiful pooches taking the blame and consequences (sometimes death!) for the behaviour and choices of appalling human beings. Sorry to rant, I share similar views and passions. Something needs to be done and I refuse to sit in silence. x

    1. Don't say sorry, I love that people are passionate about it to. Makes me happy the others are standing up for those don't have voices! :)x