Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Behind the Scenes -

I thought I'd do a little post on what I use for blogging and my 'set up' so to speak. I'm a blogger on a very tiny budget and very limited space (I still have to share a room with my sister), so there really is not going to be anything fancy. But then are we all really those fancy bloggers with blogging rooms and desks? I know what it's like wishing you had your own space for your blog!

What I use? 

My camera: Confession I can not for the life of me know what it's called. I do know it's like a cross between a compact and a bridge camera. I started off with a compact but for Christmas I was gifted this one. You don't need a big fancy camera to take decent photos! 

My Tripod is a blog life saver, when it broke while taking these photos I realised how much I relied on it, thank god for DIY fixes. This is the smaller size of tripod which is perfect for what I use it for; my OOTD's. 

I have a Chromebook which I do my blogging on, my phone for the apps and notes that I use to promote my blog, write up ideas and occasionally use the blogger app. I also have an SD card reader as my laptop doesn't have a slot for an SD card, these are handy to have and pretty inexpensive. 

Where I blog?

For my Outfit photos I found the place in my house that had the best light, I only do my photos in natural light as these definitely turn out better. 


Picmonkey is no hidden secret on the internet and that's because it works! Editing is not my favourite part of blogging nor am I very good at it but it's super easy to use and I can work my way around it! 

Canva however is a little less well known, I think, I've only recently come across it but I've used it throughout my blog a couple of times now. It's what I used to create my blog header. It has several designs, all sizes for all kinds of things, so it would be handy to know if your at school/college or doing something creative. You have to pay for bits  but there are a lot that is free. If you've not seen it before, I definitely recommend going and have a play on it. 

Get an Emma!

Find her blog here
What I mean is, find someone who'll take photos for you. I met Emma on my college course and coincidently she blogged and wants to become a fashion photographer. So in a win win situation, she takes some of my outfits for me and I let her use them to build her portfolio. 

Find a close friend that gets blogging or is interested in photography and get them to take your outfit photos, it makes a world of difference!

I hope this post is helpful even just a little!



  1. Eheh find and emma ahah I love it 😉 this is a great post ma dear! Xxx