Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Fashion regret

Now I know we're all supposed to live in this world where we don't regret things because they are what make us learn and grow. But come on there is always going to be something you look back on that makes you cringe and most of them are probably going to be fashion related! 

One of my fashion regrets, you can find way back when I started my blog and that's the legging as trousers phase. I don't mean the one where I wore leggings and a tee, no I mean the phase when I used to tuck tops into my leggings as if they were a joni jean. seriously why?! 

So have fun laughing at some of these disastrous throwback photos. I really hope my photography skills have improved since. 

WHY?! I just don't understand.

As you can tell I really loved those peace leggings. I thought this was just a fun little post and I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave fashion regret in the comments below or even do a post and leave the link!


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