Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Growing up a Potterhead

Potterhead [Potter-head] -
                          Amazingly cool people who are obsessed with Harry Potter.

  1. Being Fluent in Parseltongue
    I had Nagini's ancestor to prove it. I was a very imaginative child.
  2. 3 words - Harry Potter Wiki 
    The amount of time I spent here is kind of  
    Riddikulus (eh eh) No boggarts lurking here my friends. 
  3. Constantly torn between Harry and Malfoy, Slytherin and
    Gryffindor, Good or Evil. 
  4. Being banned from buying Harry Potter Scene It because I'd win at all the questions. 
  5. Having read the books at least 9 times.
    I stopped counting after that, sorry. 
  6. Harry Potter Marathons, midnight cinema viewings
  7. Crying through the books pretty much after the Prisoner of Azkaban. All the deaths, all the feels.
  8. Harry Potter Parodys and knowing all the words.
    My favourite one must have been deleted of the You of the Tube but it went something like "I'm a boy named Harry and my parents are dead now I'm hanging in the ghetto earning wizard street cred"

  9. Teaching your little brother to refer to himself as Dumbledore
    I really wish he still done that, proudest moment of my life.
  10. Still waiting on that acceptance letter, 9 years on. 
A little insight into how weird I was as a kid and lets be honest still am!


  1. Slytherin Pride Forever! I love this post, Potterheads are one of the best fandoms around. I feel you about Scene It - I have to go around twice before I'm "allowed" to win Disney or Harry Potter Trivia games.


    1. Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed. It's definitely one of my favourites that I've created! :) It's mean, this is a subject we excel in what happened to encourage people haha

      Courtney xo