Tuesday, 6 October 2015

NOTD #1 - Barry M Speedy

I rarely paint my nails, in fact I'm terrible at it! It goes on my fingers, its messy and I will leave it to chip away for weeks. I'm just terrible at being a girl. But every now and then I feel the urge to paint my nails, only if I the brush is a wide one mind you. So that gives me one other colour other then these two.

One of my birthday presents was an envelope one from my best friend, you know the ones where you get a batch of envelopes which you open according to what it says on the front and inside were these. I'm so impressed with them I thought I'd blog about it!

I wanted to use both of them so I just done a simple one nail that's a different colour. The wide brush makes it much easier to apply the paint evenly to your nail ie good for the beauty challenged ie me. They last unchipped for at least a 2/3 days. I'd definitely go out a buy from this range again.



  1. I don't tend to do my nails as much anymore! I love that Road Rage colour though!

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    1. I rarely do mine, it's such an effort and I'm rubbish haha but these are super easy and quick! Isn't it amazing?! :)x