Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Current Favourites

Here are a few things I've been particularly loving over the last month or so. I tried to show you a variety of the things I have particularly been enjoying. I don't really buy new things often so this is definitely more of a lifestyle favourites over a fashion and beauty one. 


This tiny backpack from Asos, has got to be a firm favourite since I got it back in the early summer. I'm one of those that can never fill up a whole bag and tend to go for the smaller ones, so what's great about this one is that it's the perfect size for my camera and I can still fit the essentials in! Also backpacks are bang on trend at the moment so that doesn't hurt!


I had to feature these in my favourites because I am obsessed! After I've done a weekend of cramming them all in, I'm always left wandering why I never watched them before now? They're fab. Nothing beats Harry Potter but these are a second for sure. I've also just started watching Agents of Shield and to quote the youths of today, Yaaaas with the obvious a-okay emoji alongside!


I've been particularly loving Joss Stones new Album this month, it's got such chill vibes that just makes me want to be swaying in a woods somewhere. Imagine that!

I've also been loving Freedom Fry recently, I found them off a YouTuber actually, this was the first song I heard and definitely my favourite but all the others are worth a listen too.

Blogger & YouTuber

My friend Charlie actually introduced me to Pie and Fash and I've got to say I was hooked straight away. Daisy is so open and nothing is off limits in her posts, it's so refreshing to read. 

Meghan is someone I've discovered in the last few months and she is rad. She's got such a positive attitude towards life and she just has the most genuine and chilled vibes and I definitely think we'd get on and her music taste is just so on point; She has introduced me to many an artist.

I'd love to know anything you are loving right now, leave a comment! 



  1. I love a good superhero film! We've been working our way through batman the past few weeks <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. I think I've watched one Batman but I wasn't that keen other then when Heath Ledger was on screen haha maybe I'll have to give them all a go! :) xx