Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gift Ideas - IWOOT

*These were gifted to me to feature on my blog, all opinions are mine*

Now if you're anything like me and enjoy anything that's animal orientated or really like just cute novelty things then IWOOT is the site for you. I've seen these Nessie Ladle's floating about on Pinterest and have been looking out for it since. I just really like the silly little gifts. You definitely underestimate how excited I was about these 3 things, definitely Snapchatted everyone I knew about them! I have no shame 

It's getting to that time again when it's the month before December and you have to start thinking about Christmas presents, IWOOT have some other great Christmas gifts here. I've definitely got some ideas for my Christmas lists.

 However wouldn't just be great for Christmas but for birthdays or even people who are moving house, they have some wonderful practical but adorable things. You can find more gift ideas here



  1. Okay I need alllll of these. Now.

    Amanda. || amandabootes.co.uk