Tuesday, 10 November 2015


* I was approached by SpecsPost asking to feature them on my blog, However all opinions are my own*
I'm obviously a person who need glasses to see, I have since I was about 10 and I have spent many an hour deciding what glasses I want to go for. I've only ever got my glasses from my opticians and I'm in love with my current ones but that doesn't mean I don't want to switch up now and then. So I've always kept my eye out for online stores for ideas and in hope of reasonable pricing. We don't all have mega dolla.
So when I heard about Specs Post who actually provide a service where you can pick out 3 frames to try if you're undecided. This is such a genius idea, you get to try out the styles to see if they will suit you; this gets rid of disappointment and extra expenses. 

The Alexa Chung style  
Twiggy Vogue inspired

The Holly Golightly cat eye
I chose these 3 style, which are all slightly different style and definitely the 3 I were most drawn too. Although I loved all 3 on sight when I put them on I knew exactly what pair I would be choosing. I felt the cat eye, were far to big for my face and that the Twiggy inspired were just a bit too small. 

I chose the Alexa chung style, I simply sent all 3 back saying what frame I want, If and what my prescription is and within a week my chosen frame was back. Easy Peasy!


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