Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My goals for 2016

A new beginning - quote C.S. Lewis & The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are "
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I say goals because I've never stuck to any resolutions I've ever made, in fact I forget what they are within a week. So goals are the new thing, goals of what I hope to get out of 2016. Not just the usual improve health, read more etc one that I may still want out of the year but are ones that I know I probably won't stick to. 
  • I want to be cruelty free 
    2015 was the year I went vegetarian and stopped buying and wearing leather. Over 2016 I really want everything I use to be cruelty free. I want to eat more vegan meals and possible alternatives if I like them and possibly make the full transition from vegetarian to vegan.
  • Research into more spiritual things 
    Over the last few months I've really been interested in Buddhism, spirituality, meditation, crystal healing; a variety of things really. Something that I really want to explore in the new year. A lot of people recommend Meditation and Its something I definitely want to take up.
  • Be more positive
    I'm not known for my positive attitude, I was always the kid that said they were going to fail, expected the worst. This goal links in with the spiritual goal, I came across the theory that positive thoughts create positive outcomes and what you think become a reality and this is something I definitely want to look more into and put into practice. 
  • Achieve what I want to achieve 
    This is a much broader goal and not just for the year but for life too. I'm lazy, it's a bad habit of mine and I find myself stuck in a rut of being unmotivated and that's not something I want to happen this year as well. I have this *idea* It really is just an idea at the moment but it's something I want to keep working on and hopefully achieve and it become successful. I don't like failure but sometimes you've just got to take a leap of faith. 
I'd love to know what some of your goals and resolutions are for this year?


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