Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Reflecting on 2015 -

2015 has once again been one of those weird years, when life is starting to get back to normal after what had been a pretty naff 2014. I usually do a 'Highlights of ...' post at the end of the year, but I thought I would do a bit different I'll include the good and the bad because writing after all is pretty therapeutic.

- What a year it's been, I've visited Rhodes, the Isle of Wight and Tipperary in Ireland, all 3 such beautiful places.
- Seeing Mcbusted was a particular favourite moment of the year for me, I'm a massive Mcfly fan and them and Busted together was just one hell of a show! 
- I finished college after an amazing two years meeting some amazing friends, hopefully ones that'll be around for a looong time! 
- I went to see Shrek on stage and visited the Elvis expedition at the 02, different experiences but both delightful in different ways, I'd recommend going to see either if not both, if you ever get the chance. 

2015 has been the year I finally finished college, you probably know I've done two different courses since I left school and in July I finished My Fashion and clothing  level 3 Btec with a DMM, a grade I am pretty chuffed with. A chapter in my life was closed and I was finally in the big wide world on my own, feeling a little (read a whole lot) lost and small in a rather large world.  

2015 has been the year I deferred my uni place. I had this plan that I would get a job, get a bit of experience and even travel a little. I'd try and get myself in a happier place. One of the big problems of mine is social things a lot of what are small things to a lot of people, made me feel physically sick and panicky and I wanted to get over that so I'd feel ready for uni. But as you know things never go as planned. 

It's been 5 months and I'm still unemployed and not for the lack of trying. I've overcome nothing, in fact I think I've just got worse.  I've come to realise how much I rely on having my iPod when leaving my house on my own. Not having a job or attending Uni I've not needed to go out for anything, to interact with people; I've found myself in an unmotivated rut. A rut I have no desire to be in. 

2015 has been the year my family pet Roxie passed away. Although It had been one of those things I knew was coming soon, I mean she was a 16 year old staffie with a few health problems, who I'd had since she was puppy. But still it goddamn sucked and hit me harder then I thought was still possible. 

2015 has been the year I've opened my eyes to new things and ways of living. Positivity and living happily and even spiritually is something I've found myself incredibly interested in and hope in 2016 I'll be able to carry it on further!

In retrospect 2015 has been a year where the good times far out way the bad and life is what you are making of it. Everyone has problems, it's what you do to overcome them in the future that really count! 


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