Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I AM MALALA - review

I think Malala's story is one of the most extraordinary stories I have ever read! I knew of the story of Malala, the school girl  who was shot by the Taliban and it had something to do with education and being a girl. But her story is so much more then just being shot by the Taliban this is a story of a girl who fought for girls to have education, speaking out against an extreme unwanted regime put upon them. 

This story is essentially told in 5 parts and I learnt so much more then just her story. I learnt the about the history of her city of Swat about what it was like before the Taliban infiltrated. But also how the Taliban infiltrated Pakistan, how they helped those the government ignored and then turned against them. How they took advantage of those who couldn't read and fed them lies about Islam and Quran. I got far deeper understanding then I imagined when I picked up this book. 

 I got an insight in to her culture and religion, one I never really understood and the knowledge I had was more from what the media had told us. Which lets be honest is a little biased. An insight into her life and family, her father a man who just wanted to open a school for all children who openly spoke out against the Taliban, about the lies they were spreading. To stay openly speaking out about what you believe in even when your fathers and your life has threatened take some real guts and then to carry on fighting for your cause even after you nearly lost your life takes real moxy. 

I got so much more out of this book then I expected, more then just reading what I thought was already an inspiring story, I certainly was not disappointed! Whether you're a feminist or not, if you're man or women, girl or boy I recommend you give this book a read. It's truly extraordinary! 

To maybe read more about her cause or to even support and follow it, check out The Malala fund here.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

OOTD - Doubling up & patches

Top - Primark // Denim Shirt - ZARA // Jeans - Topshop // Converse - Asos
This outfit is really built around this denim shirt, which truly is glorious. I saw it in Zara just before Christmas and knew I had to have it! Well actually I left it and went back for it, only for it to be sold apart from the one on the mannequin; thank god for nice sale ladies. 

The patches are what drew me to this particular denim shirt and how soft it is. When I go shopping I now find myself drawn to items that have something a little different about them and I hadn't seen a shirt like it yet. The patches just add a fun touch to a piece everyone has in their wardrobe. 

I kept it simple with this tight fitting turtle neck top, to balance out the over sized shirt. I wore black denim jeans on bottom, this is the only way I'll double denim and I think the only way I can pull it off. Layering is essential in this weather and this is the perfect item for it! 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dream interior - Pinterest inspiration

When young girls were planning their wedding (apparently) I never did, instead I'd grab the Argos book and cut out photos to make up my dream house. Although I'm still living at home and get very little say in what my room should look like, I'm interior obsessed! 

So I thought I'd show a few of my dream interior inspirations that I've pinned to my board. Pinterest is the first place I go for any inspiration I need, it's covers all bases; follow me for all the interior and fashiony goodness. 

JAM KOLEKTYW 3 this might be the most perfect house I've ever seen. crate indoor garden <3 #decor #jardins #gardens #plants #greeninside 

Wooden stool with decorations - white interior:                Image Via: The Everygirl:

 :   Boho Chic:


I don't see myself living in a large house, I think a small one would be perfect for me. A Mezzanine floor is my dream! As you can see I love both the simple minimalistic and quite a bohemian feel.


None of these photos are mine, I take no credit for them. They were found on Pinterest and you can find them in my interior board!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

OOTD - Monochromatic sarcasm

Fedora - Asos // Jumper - RAD // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Topshop // 
This was a late night order, my friend Emma tagged me in an insta photo of it and I ordered it ASAP. Everyone I know mentions how sarcastic I am, it truly is my first language, so this jumper is completely fitting. Slogan jumpers and tees are one of my favourite things at the moment, they add a great twist to a usually very simple outfit. 

I simple paired with these black jeans and my Chelsea boots, to keep it chic and weather appropriate. The fedora really just finishes off the outfit and adds a little summin summin while keeping it monochrome. 


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bleach London's Awkward Peach - My experience

Since the Bleach London products came out I've always been intrigued, but I was dying my hair copper at this time and when I stopped I wanted my hair to feel nice again. But I get bored after a while and now going short has worn off I thought I'd give a fun colour ago!

Awkward Peach is the colour that I like the most, so obviously the one I went with. I however didn't want to bleach my hair, to try to keep it damage free as possible, so was dubious about weather it would work or not.  After some research I could find very little about dying it on naturally blonde hair, so I thought I'd give it ago anyway and blog about it; because that's just what you do!

I'm not an experienced hair dyer, I've only done it a handful of times when I was an auburn colour, so I stuck to the instructions on the bottle. Overall I used about half of the bottle on my hair and kept it on their for about 20 minutes. 

I was pretty happy with the result it's came out a very subtle peach colour. It didn't stick to my roots however it stuck much better to the lighter section of my hair, which you can see in the photo. 

After one wash it faded quite a bit and not so evenly, it just stuck slightly more to the top half of my hair then the bottom. Which I did find odd as the bottom is lighter, but this wasn't a massive problem for me as it wasn't very noticeable. As expected it's faded each time I washed it and faded into more of a natural colour. It was completely gone with in 4 Washes. Far longer the expected, once I used a temporary dye and it was gone after one wash. 

Overall I definitely think I would use the product again, for £5 I get two goes out of the bottle. It's perfect for a festival or if you just want to mix it up without the commitment to permanent dye. I'll definitely be using it again! 

Have you used any Bleach London products? What colour did you use? 


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cruelty free make up - Collection Cosmetics

Please repin guys. It would mean a ton to me.:

Last year I went Vegetarian, this year my aim is to go completely cruelty free! I never believed in wearing fur and I've completely stopped buying leather, I now want to transfer this over to my cosmetics and toiletries! 

One brand that I'd seen people were unsure about were Collection Cosmetics, personally one of my favourite make up brands; good products and cheap. On their website they said that they didn't test on animals nor did they get a third party to do it for them.
However there were rumours that they sold in China; who if you have a store in China by law the products have to be tested on animals first. 

So this is exactly what I emailed asking them about and this is the reply: 

Collection Cosmetics are only sold in countries where no Animal Testing is required by law.  We do not distribute Collection Cosmetics in China. 

Collection Cosmetics does not test and does not instruct any Third Party to test finished products on animals.  However, we cannot confirm a Third Party has never tested an ingredient on animals.  Some ingredients have been around for a considerable time and also they might have been tested for Non Cosmetic purposes, e.g. for use in Medicinal Products.

Since 2009 all Cosmetic Ingredients are not animal tested as this is stipulated in EU Cosmetics Regulations.  There is another EU Legislation (REACh) which is now in force which, unfortunately, takes precedence over the EU Cosmetics Regulations.

REACh is a Regulation that was put in place to ensure the safety of humans and the environment from Hazardous Chemicals.  This Regulation affects the whole of the Chemical Industry (not just the Cosmetics Industry).  Under this legislation, there may be instances where an ingredient has to undergo further Animal Testing.  In theory, REACh strikes a balance between the need of information to increase our understanding of the hazards of chemicals, and the aim of avoiding unnecessary testing on animals in generating such information.  New tests may only be carried out when all other sources of data have been exhausted.  Vertebrate animal testing under REACh is only possible as a last resort.

BUAV and ECEAE (European Coalition to End Animal Experiments) are just two of the accredited stakeholders at ECHA (the European Chemical Agency responsible for REACh) and their aim is to hold ECHA to account on their responsibility to ensure animal testing is indeed the last resort.

Much work and funding is going on to validate non-animal studies, indeed studies for Skin and Eye Irritations are almost ready.

Collection Cosmetics does not subscribe to Cruelty Free Organisations.

Collection Product Ingredients/Information can be viewed at:

You can make your own minds up about them and if you feel comfortable enough buying their products still! 


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why I think feminism is so important -

Although feminism is slowly becoming more accepted and welcomed, I think there is always going to be this stigma around the word Feminism. If we made a whole new word up but kept the same movement, I honestly don't believe there would be such an offence around it. Feminism truly does just mean A movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men and it intertwines with sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia etc all of which are forms of oppression. All life is equal.

After asking a few female family members about the subject, I discovered they don't consider themselves feminists mainly because they don't know what it really is or even see the point in it any more. Which got me thinking about why is it so important to me? Why do I think it is still so important? 

Image found on Google
Feminism is still important because young girls around the world are denied education, they're forced to live a certain way and not have certain aspirations because that is a "man job". Because women are still believe to be second classed citizens compared to men. I believe in feminism because young girls are being forced into the sex trafficking or marriage often to men double their age or are being forced into circumcision. Women everywhere are being discriminated against just because they are women, because they may have children in the future. This isn't okay. 

Women are constantly objectified on TV in films, programs and adverts. Jobs have been made for women purely for sexual reasons. The world is rife with domestic abuse, sexual violence and 'lad' culture. It's never okay to force yourself upon anyone in anyway without their permission. Women are constantly judged for having too much sex or not enough, for dressing 'slutty' or are prudes. People are constantly being judged on how they look, are they beautiful or ugly are they fat or are they thin. 

Sexism, racism, homophobia etc have been ingrained into society for thousands of years, so much so that sometimes we don't even realised we're being sexist or racist. We have created this oppression we can get rid of it.

Image found on Google
I recently saw on Twitter someone ask why do we need feminism in the 21st century especially in the western world? While the 'western world' has come far from when women had no say, that doesn't mean women in other countries have. Why should we stop fighting for a cause when their are still women around the world who are being treated in such a backwards thinking way?! 

But the thing is there is still inequality in the 21st century western world. Women still haven't reached equal pay with men who are doing the same job? Women of ethnicity earning even less or even being denied opportunities for certain jobs because of their sex or colour. Women are constantly put down, even by women! They know how they can be judged. For example: 

When I was in junior school, so between the ages of 7 and 12, I distinctively remember priding myself on being a "tomboy" and doing everything to dissociate myself with the girly girl and blonde bimbo stereotypes. I refused to wear skirts or dresses, or use/wear/like the colour pink. Actually that's one that's followed me into adulthood. I'm a blonde and to even like the colour pink would obviously meant I was a dumb blonde barbie girl, no? I knew that this was not a good way to be perceived as.

How is it ok that when you should be at your most carefree, I somehow knew that it was looked down upon to be seen this way?! Honestly women themselves can be one of the worst to put yourself and other women down. 

Like I said before women are constantly sexually objectified. Women are catcalled and shouted obscene things at by men, often older men to young girls in uniform. Women are raped everyday and often find people make them feel like they are to blame. Some women are afraid to go outside. This thing is this can start from a pretty young age, for example: 

Another experience that I recognise now when looking back at when I was in secondary school, so between the ages of 12 and 16, is the treatment of girls by the boys. The comments you get "complimenting" or "putting down" other girls bodies is not only graphic but uncomfortable.Not only the leering but the lack of respect for personal space and actually the girls, it's not uncommon for chests and bottoms to be groped. I actually remember there was a phase when the boys would rip the buttons of girls school shirts. 

It's NEVER ok to put your hands on someone else inappropriately if they don't want you to. I honestly never considered this out of the norm when I was at school. Nor did I know  that actually groping without consent is considered sexual assault and actually I don't think the boys would know this either. Education is key here, this should be taught in sex education as soon as possible.

All of these are only a few examples of what is going on in the world and the experiences mentioned are only my own experiences and I know women, particularly of other cultures, have been subjected to far worst. All you have to do is look at the news to see it. Not that we should belittle anyone's experience, none of these are better then the other. They're all part and part of a bigger issue. These are all signs that something needs to be done, that something needs to change.
Image found on Google images.
I'm not naive enough to believe that I'm going to change the opinions of everyone in the world or that we are going to be able to get rid of those that choose to take advantage of the vulnerable or feel they have some kind of right to do the things they do. But at least I can sit among those that didn't just turn a blind eye to what's happening! Shouldn't women of all colour, religion or if they're transgender, be treated equally amongst themselves and alongside men? Shouldn't everyone be treated the same? because no one is better then the other!

If I had made all these point without once uttering the word feminism would you have agreed with me? If I had just said that I wish women were treated equal in every sense of the word, across the globe,  would you still have rolled your eyes at what I was saying? 

All of these are just examples of why I think feminism is still so important!

There is also so much more that I could talk about but hopefully I've peaked at least one of you guy's interest, so if you'd like to learn more on the subject there is a great book called Everyday Sexism that highlights the things women have to face, I've actually wrote a post about it here or even just check out their twitter feed. Also check out the HeForShe campaign,  Feministing and also The Malala Fund.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject! However if you're going to be nasty then please just don't comment.