Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bleach London's Awkward Peach - My experience

Since the Bleach London products came out I've always been intrigued, but I was dying my hair copper at this time and when I stopped I wanted my hair to feel nice again. But I get bored after a while and now going short has worn off I thought I'd give a fun colour ago!

Awkward Peach is the colour that I like the most, so obviously the one I went with. I however didn't want to bleach my hair, to try to keep it damage free as possible, so was dubious about weather it would work or not.  After some research I could find very little about dying it on naturally blonde hair, so I thought I'd give it ago anyway and blog about it; because that's just what you do!

I'm not an experienced hair dyer, I've only done it a handful of times when I was an auburn colour, so I stuck to the instructions on the bottle. Overall I used about half of the bottle on my hair and kept it on their for about 20 minutes. 

I was pretty happy with the result it's came out a very subtle peach colour. It didn't stick to my roots however it stuck much better to the lighter section of my hair, which you can see in the photo. 

After one wash it faded quite a bit and not so evenly, it just stuck slightly more to the top half of my hair then the bottom. Which I did find odd as the bottom is lighter, but this wasn't a massive problem for me as it wasn't very noticeable. As expected it's faded each time I washed it and faded into more of a natural colour. It was completely gone with in 4 Washes. Far longer the expected, once I used a temporary dye and it was gone after one wash. 

Overall I definitely think I would use the product again, for £5 I get two goes out of the bottle. It's perfect for a festival or if you just want to mix it up without the commitment to permanent dye. I'll definitely be using it again! 

Have you used any Bleach London products? What colour did you use? 


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