Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dream interior - Pinterest inspiration

When young girls were planning their wedding (apparently) I never did, instead I'd grab the Argos book and cut out photos to make up my dream house. Although I'm still living at home and get very little say in what my room should look like, I'm interior obsessed! 

So I thought I'd show a few of my dream interior inspirations that I've pinned to my board. Pinterest is the first place I go for any inspiration I need, it's covers all bases; follow me for all the interior and fashiony goodness. 

JAM KOLEKTYW 3 this might be the most perfect house I've ever seen. crate indoor garden <3 #decor #jardins #gardens #plants #greeninside 

Wooden stool with decorations - white interior:                Image Via: The Everygirl:

 :   Boho Chic:


I don't see myself living in a large house, I think a small one would be perfect for me. A Mezzanine floor is my dream! As you can see I love both the simple minimalistic and quite a bohemian feel.


None of these photos are mine, I take no credit for them. They were found on Pinterest and you can find them in my interior board!


  1. A Mezzanine would be a dream for me too! I love them <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Wow really, haha that's great! It's the only requirement I have of my future forever home :D

      Courtney xx