Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I AM MALALA - review

I think Malala's story is one of the most extraordinary stories I have ever read! I knew of the story of Malala, the school girl  who was shot by the Taliban and it had something to do with education and being a girl. But her story is so much more then just being shot by the Taliban this is a story of a girl who fought for girls to have education, speaking out against an extreme unwanted regime put upon them. 

This story is essentially told in 5 parts and I learnt so much more then just her story. I learnt the about the history of her city of Swat about what it was like before the Taliban infiltrated. But also how the Taliban infiltrated Pakistan, how they helped those the government ignored and then turned against them. How they took advantage of those who couldn't read and fed them lies about Islam and Quran. I got far deeper understanding then I imagined when I picked up this book. 

 I got an insight in to her culture and religion, one I never really understood and the knowledge I had was more from what the media had told us. Which lets be honest is a little biased. An insight into her life and family, her father a man who just wanted to open a school for all children who openly spoke out against the Taliban, about the lies they were spreading. To stay openly speaking out about what you believe in even when your fathers and your life has threatened take some real guts and then to carry on fighting for your cause even after you nearly lost your life takes real moxy. 

I got so much more out of this book then I expected, more then just reading what I thought was already an inspiring story, I certainly was not disappointed! Whether you're a feminist or not, if you're man or women, girl or boy I recommend you give this book a read. It's truly extraordinary! 

To maybe read more about her cause or to even support and follow it, check out The Malala fund here.

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