Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Current Inspiration

Current Inspiration

At college I loved to make a good mood board, there such a great way to brainstorm your ideas for a project or even on a more professional level. A mood board is all your ideas and inspirations in your head on a piece of paper. 

I thought creating one would be a great post idea as they're actually quite revealing. I done a little scan through my Pinterest boards and chose the photos that really caught my eye and the  current fashion trends I'm loving at the minute. 

What are you current fashion/lifestyle inspirations?!


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to make a bad day that little more bearable ?

Sometimes you get days that you just can't bare, from the minute you wake up you just know you're not going to have a good day. Sometimes everything is going wrong or you're just feeling down and let's be honest there is very little that is going to cheer you up; so you just carry on with your routine and hope time pasts you quickly.

Here are a few idea's to make that bad day just a little more bearable:

  • Make an effort with your appearance - This one always feels like such an effort, lets be honest when you feel naff or having a bad day, you want nothing more then to stay in your pj's or jogging bottoms all day. But choose a chic but comfortable outfit you feel great in and making that little effort with your hair and adding a flick of eyeliner, you feel sassy af.

  • Get all you favourite foods in - Order your favourite takeaway, go out and buy your favourite drink and snacks. Get all the popcorn, all the chocolate cake and all the sweets you need. Who cares if you're meant to be being healthy, this is the time for the foods that make you happy!

  • Put on your favourite comedy film - get in your pyjamas, comfort is key and put on your go to feel good film. Don't underestimate the power of a  good laugh and knowing all the quotes in a film.

  • Make a playlist of your favourite feel good songs - This is one you kind of make in preparation for the future bad days or any time you need a little pick me up. Get all those songs that make you sing/scream at the top of your voice, the ones that are upbeat and make you want to dance in your room like a teenage girl and those sassy songs that make you feel like you rule the world and put in one place. 

  • Hug an animal - Now this may just work for me but a hug from my dog never made me feel worse. Dogs or cats or any pet are just so cuddly and happy to see you. Animals give off nothing but good vibes. Don't believe me, go try it! or if you don't have a pet heart warming photos of animals on pinterest should do the job ;)

  • What do you do to cheer yourself up?


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Figuring it out #3 - Life doesn't stick to your plan

I've never really been a planner, I'm usually a 'you tell me what's happening and I'll be there' kinda gal. But sometimes I like to create the illusion that I know where my life is heading, when honestly I have no clue what so ever. Still. One of my first posts in this series was about me thinking of uni and what I want to do etc and In the end I choose to defer my choice a year. Something I kind of regret now. 

My plan certainly wasn't to be 6 months in and still be unemployed. The plan was to take a break from education, get a job, save a little money and hopefully do some travelling before September the following year. For some reason no one wants to employ me and it's not for the lack of trying. I'm applying to at least one everyday. I'm starting to get desperate! 

My plan was to never feel like a bum, I'm so over sitting around. My plan was to never feel like I've failed and feel so behind in life like everyone else. I dread being asked what I'm doing at the moment, because I'm doing nothing. I'm just existing and it bloody sucks. 

Anyway my point is that life doesn't stick to a plan. You can try it, you can have a rough outline but 9 times out of 10 it won't go how you want it to. I've always said I believe in things happen for a reason, but I sure would like the reasoning behind this lack of anything...

I'm officially stuck and I admit I have no idea what I'm doing with any aspect of my life. I'm drowning and I've yet to find a way to swim up to the surface. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OOTD - Chic, chav or ultimate comfort?

Top - Topshop // Joggers - Topshop // Converse - Asos //

As a child, I was a bit of a chav, joggers were my go to choice of all outfits, I wore Total 90's, they were black and gold and were rad af, to school and I had to fight my mum to not chose me a dress. In fact my mum probably chose what I wore up till I was about 12. But by secondary school I grew out of it and my love affair with joggers became an acquaintance I had to see during PE.

 But suddenly they're everywhere and if Topshop sells them, then surely they're ok to wear outside... right?! I love the skinny cut of the trouser which I think are what make them a lot more wearable. I paired them with this super soft pale pink crop top, giving it a bit of a girly edge and my converse to keep it casual and hopefully on the right side of chic and not chav.

Would you wear joggers ... outside?! *gasp*