Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The best of - Culottes


Culottes aren't a new thing to the fashion world, being trendy in the last couple of seasons, but they're definitely a new thing for me. I disliked them with a passion last year, but this year I took the plunge to try them out and I'm 100% converted. For someone who loves the look of midi skirts but never really feeling comfortable in skirts full stop, this solves all issues. They're surprisingly quite flattering and it's like wearing pyjamas, what's not to like? 

So I had a scroll online for some of my favourites, I tried to get a variety of style, prints and textures but not only that I wanted to get a variety of price ranges in there too. I think I chose some good solid pieces. 

Look our for a How to style post on the blog soon!


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