Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hello to new projects

I’ve been blogging on Wonders of Dreams for about 5 years on and off, I started during a college course I wasn’t enjoying and probably spent far more time on my blog then I should have. But the last year I’ve just not been feeling it, I think blogging has changed and I don’t know if it is for me anymore, which you can read all about on my previous blog post “Has blogging left me behind?” I do still believe all the things I wrote about, the blogging world has changed since I first started and not all in a good way and I think some people agree with me.

While I haven’t technically been blogging, I have still kept up with my social medias and writing up potential posts when I’ve had the urge to. The last couple months I’ve finally had a burst of inspiration and motivation about blogging again and where I want my blog to go. Which is why I’ve come to the decision to come to a stand still here and start my new blog Project Twenties. (Which is still in progress but keep an eye on my social media for when I publish my first post)

I don’t know if there’s a space in this very full part of the internet or if anyone is looking for this type of blog but I want to try.

Project Twenties is going to be a predominantly cruelty free lifestyle blog. A pretty big change from Wonders of Dreams which started as a personal style and ended up with a little bit of everything thrown in there. Project Twenties is going to be about me and my choices, the decisions I make and the struggles I may face as 20 something women. A 22 year old that is still winging it and hoping for the best, that is on minimum wage and isn’t picture perfect like the blogging/internet world seems to want to portray.

I want to write more about the things I’m passionate about and the goings on in the world right now, a place where I’m free to express myself and hopefully relate to a lot of people out there. There’s going to be cruelty free content, particularly drug store based for a girl on a budget humorous (hopefully) posts, a little bit of travelling and still a few fashion related posts.

I’d really hope you support and follow me on my new venture. Wish me luck.  

Courtney xo

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